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NQ Diamond Core Bit performance requirements and operation of the main issues

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The NQ bit is a type of diamond bit that has its own unique standards. According to the different requirements of users, we can order drill bits suitable for various rock formations. In order to ensure the quality of the products, when manufacturing NQ drills, they often use granular raw materials and are mixed with 30% of high-quality corundum, coupled with sophisticated technology to ensure its reliable use and long life.


So, what are the basic requirements for a qualified NQ bit? First of all, from the appearance of analysis, its particles should be more dense and full. And because of the use of large grains of corundum as raw material, there are many exposed layers of diamond. Together with special process recipes, it can be used for drilling of different hardness rock formations. In the processing, the steel body milled from the one-piece milling machine is specially used to ensure no cracking or deformation. At the same time, a reasonable outlet design has been adopted in particular.


It should be noted that in order to ensure that the NQ Diamond Core Bit can be used effectively for a long period of time, it is necessary to ensure its cooling performance and cleaning during use. Taking into account its own material properties is relatively brittle, so in the use, you need to strictly follow the relevant rules of the diamond drill to perform strict, standardized operation.


In the actual drilling work, different geological types will have different effects on the performance of the NQ bit. At the same time, the stability of the wellbore, the size of the formation dip, and the complexity of the formation pressure shampoo will all have a certain impact on its performance. For example, some strata have been deposited for a long time, so the formation has high hardness, inhomogeneity, and high abrasiveness in some sections.


In fact, during the process of drilling NQ drills underground, the rock-breaking method is generally based on grinding rather than volume crushing, resulting in very low rock breaking efficiency. In addition, when using the NQ diamond bit for deep drilling, it is necessary to reasonably control the size of the drilling speed according to the specific conditions.


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