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Working Advantages Of Tunnel Core Drilling Rigs And Core Rate Mar 19, 2018

In the process of operation, the tunnel core drilling rig is very suitable for the construction of cutting in the mountainous terrain or the construction of forests. In the process of installation, the tunnel core drilling rig only needs to work on a flat field of 4×4 meters or less.

When the tunnel core drill is in operation, the drill bit can have a higher rotation speed and the drill tool can cut the rock more smoothly to a certain extent, which greatly shortens the exploration period and reduces the cost. The rig is not only fast but also has an average fuel consumption of 400 liters per 100 meters and a core rate of over 95%. Lightweight, flexible, safe and reliable.

When the tunnel core drilling rig is in operation, it does not need to build temporary transportation roads. In this way, it can effectively solve a large number of excavation of earth and stone or cut down more trees to reduce the damage to the vegetation and the environment. Reduce the amount of compensation for drilling temporary land leases to maximize the protection of the construction site and surrounding environment.

The structure of the tunnel core drilling rig is very compact and concise. In the course of operation, the rig can be transported by using a 5-ton truck in various parts of the drilling rig, and it can be manually passed through the trail in areas with inconvenient traffic conditions. Delivery can save customers significant investment in the construction of temporary roads, shorten the construction period, save labor, and reduce handling risks and costs.