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Operation And Maintenance Of Mud Pump Operation Mar 12, 2018

1. Place the three-way water gate or unloading valve in the backwater position to smoothly start the mud pump. After the operation is normal, pump the rinsing fluid into the hole.

2. During operation, pay attention to whether the various parts of the machine are different from each other; whether the drainage is uniform; whether there is any leakage, leakage, or oil leakage; pay attention to the working conditions of the pressure gauge.

3. The use of a ceramic plunger mud pump should ensure good cooling of the plunger and tightness of the seal ring.

4. When shifting speed, power must be cut off before shifting.

5. Before stopping the pump, turn the three-way water gate or unloading valve to the backwater position.

6. Keep the pump body clean.

7. When parking in cold and freezing areas for a long time, the flushing fluid in the pump body, in the pipeline, and in the shower head must be cleaned and released.