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How To Maintain A Well Drilling Rig Jun 15, 2017

Well drilling rig manufacturers said that when we use the well drilling machine, do not forget to carry out maintenance, we should pay attention to what? Always pay attention to check the wind motor lubricants, always pay attention to check the water and gas pipelines, rigs of various accessories bolts, nuts are solid, when the face immersed in water when the hole when the use of large diameter drill bit, insert Drill pipe, so that the drill pipe exposed to the surface of 1-2 meters, to prevent mud and rock slag fell into the hole, the well drilling rig in the drilling operation is not allowed to reverse the drill pipe into the hole, the well drilling rig in a short time to stop Work, to give a small amount of pressure, so as not to immerse the sand into the drill inside the machine, such as a long time to stop the rig operation, should be the impact of the sound and gear box operation, found that abnormal sound and the phenomenon should immediately stop, and Timely check.