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How To Determine The Well Drilling Machine Is Good Or Bad Jun 15, 2017

Many friends before buying the product will first look at how to determine his good or bad, we all know that a good product can make the product longer life, reduce our product replacement frequency. Here we take a look at how to determine the well drilling machine is good or bad.

Well drilling rig is a mechanical product, power is the primary factor, a good or bad engine directly affect its life. Domestic engine and imported engine both in terms of performance or price above have a relatively large gap, so the first comparison is the engine configuration, the wells on the various indicators of the impact of drilling are the largest.

Then there is a well drill underwater work, which gives the user experience is also very important. The drilling rigs produced by our company are used to further improve the efficiency of drilling, the direction of aquatic products being used in multi-purpose rigs and full hydraulic drive and operation in order to use the drilling of different strata. A rig can be equipped with a variety of equipment and Accessories, can be used impact, rotary and DTH hammer and other drilling methods; can also use mud to wash wells, compressed air washing wells and positive and reverse circulation washing wells and other methods.