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Drilling Machine Maintenance And Repair Work Jun 15, 2017

Engineering rigs are indispensable equipment in our infrastructure. With the continuous development of science and technology, the scope of drilling rigs is getting bigger and bigger. We have a lot of convenience in our daily life. It is urgent to know how to maintain and maintain the engineering rigs.

In addition to the construction of drilling rig must do routine maintenance, but also in accordance with the requirements of the important parts of the regular maintenance work. The following 5 points pay special attention:

1. Before each work to the engineering rig to mention the engine to mention lubricating butter, to the primer when the oil must be the other end of the butter nozzle open, it is conducive to the previously marked out of the butter out, and vice versa The oil seal of the lead device is crushed. Sediment containing dirty water is easy to enter, will wear the bearing to reduce the sensitivity of the driller.

2. Check the oil tank is sufficient, the oil is normal, check the gear unit gear oil is sufficient, whether the oil is normal; check whether there is oil spill failure;

3. Check whether the main and auxiliary wire rope and its connection is intact and safe.

4. Check that the trigger is flexible and that the internal butter is contaminated.

5. Check whether the steel structure of the cracks, corrosion, desoldering and damage.

We in the course of the use of the failure to be timely treatment, to eliminate all the security risks, to ensure that the engineering rig is always in the best working condition.