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These are related to the automatic-hydraulic-drilling-machine-operation-6075587 news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in automatic-hydraulic-drilling-machine-operation-6075587 and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand automatic-hydraulic-drilling-machine-operation-6075587 market.

Geotechnical equipment is mainly used by geotechnical engineers and technicians to study or collect data on various forms and structure of earth materials. This can help in the design and construction of buildings, foundations, the design of earthworks and the construction of oil rigs.



We Will Attend the Mining Turkey in December 13th to 16th , 2018

Good new to share with you!We will attend the Mining Turkey in December 13th to 16th , 2018. We focus on the exhibition from 2016. Turkey has increased its mining industry export by 262% in the last 10 years. Mining Turkey 2016, Mining Turkey 7th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment,



Water Well Drilling Rig – Make the Job Simpler

If you’re looking for the best solution to digging a water well, then you have come to the right place. Water wells are dug every day for several purposes, it can be due to a scientific research, irrigation, drinking water and many more.



Geotechnical Drilling: The 3 Most Common Reasons to Order a Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical investigation primarily involves carrying out a study on the composition of a ground which helps to define the principles of construction of the house as well as to identify the type of foundation.The natural heterogeneous nature of the soil and the disparities in the composition



HQ core diamond drill bit preparation before drilling and buckle requirements

HQ core diamond drill bit will effectively drill in soft and medium hard formations during operation, with advantages of high speed, long footage, long life, smooth work, less downhole accidents, and good well quality.



Pcd drill bit shape and use requirements

The quality of the pcd drill bit, the suitability of the formation lithology and the type of drill bit play an important role in accelerating the drilling speed and increasing the footage of a single drill. Pcd drill bit oil and gas wells generally use multiple drills of different sizes. When drilling the upper strata, drills with larger diameters should be used. Because the drill bit drilled into the formation is softer, the single drill bit has more footage and the use time is shorter. A drill bit is used. Typically several wells can be reused.



Application Fields and Structural Requirements of NTW Core Drills

The NTW core drill bit is mainly based on the structure of the roller cone drill bit in the process of manufacturing. In the operation, it can be effectively divided into five parts: water eye, bearing, slap, cone and bit body. In the case of hermetically-sprayed roller cone bits, the oil-reserve compensation system is also included under normal circumstances.



Hq drill pipe joints classification and structural requirements

In the process of production, the basic components of the drill string of the drill pipe are mainly used to transmit torque and transport drilling fluid. To a certain extent, the drill pipe is used to gradually deepen the borehole and deepen it. Drill pipe occupies a very important position in oil drilling.


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