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XZY-44A, Surface Core Drilling Rig for Mineral Exploration, Multi-functional, Powerful Spindle Type,

Dimension: 3042*1100*1920mm
Drilling Depth: 700-1200m
Weight(without power unit): 2300kg

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XZY-44A core drill rig is an improved product based on XZY-42and XZY-44 drill rig.Besides all the facilities with water brake and manually controlled oil pump.

XZY-44A is mainly adapted to suit for core drilling with diamond bit or tungsten-carbide tipped bit,It can also be used for engineering exploration,Water well and foundation hole drilling.In additional to China,it is also exported to South-east Asia,Latin America and European countrie.

Basic Info

Original: Wuxi, China

Certification: ISO9001

Price: Negotiable

Model No: XZY-44A

Usage: Diamond core drilling

Dimension: 3042*1100*1920mm

Drilling Depth: 700-1200m

Engine: Moter or Diesel

Payment term: TT, LC

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Warranty: 3 months

MOQ: 1 set


Drilling depth Core drilling 700-1200m
Foundation stake drilling 100m
Hydrological drilling 300m
Max lifting capacity of spindle 120KN
Rotation angle of spindle 0-360° Max pressuring force of spindle 90KN
Spindle speed positive 83,152, 217, 316, 254, 468, 667, 970rpm



negative 67, 206rmp
Max rotary torque of spindle 3200N.m Steel wire diameter 17.5mm
Spindle stroke 600mm Content of winding drum 110m
I.D. of spindle 93mm Max hoisting force 45KN
Power Y225s-4 electromotor 37kw/1480rpm YC4108ZD Diesel engine 50kw/1500rpm


(without power unit)


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