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Mechanical drive system for spindle drilling rig

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For mechanical transmission, hydraulic feed spindle drilling rig equipment, it is widely used in the world to use a relatively important model. Modern spindle drilling rigs in order to meet the needs of the diamond drilling process, to a large extent to take into account the carbide and its steel drilling process requirements, followed by, we actually have to pay attention to it to a certain extent (Up to 2 500r / min), to expand the speed range, but also increased the speed of the number of files (6 to 8 files, and more to 12 to 24 files).

In order to shorten the vertical axis drilling equipment and lifting the auxiliary time on the process, we actually will use the upper and lower chuck, to achieve a "non-stop inverted bar" and automatic inverted bar, there is its long vertical axis travel (600 ~ 800mm) and other related measures.

钻机 HYDX-6.jpg

Because the roving coring diamond drilling a wide range of applications, in the vertical axis rig equipment, we actually will directly increase the rope winch. On some of the lift handle is to use hydraulic control, in the deep hole drilling machine which will use the turbine torque converter.

Then we actually have to pay attention to, for the vertical axis drilling rig equipment, which uses a speed motor as the driving force, the next is actually a certain degree of direct use of a double gear pump or variable blade pump directly As a hydraulic system on the power source, for the hydraulic cylinder to the valve, we will actually switch to "OH" or "OY" type slide valve.

In order to set up a speed control valve for the hydraulic cylinder in the hydraulic cylinder, it is expected that the power consumption should be reduced, and it should be noted that under the condition that the hydraulic pump is unloaded, Drilling and its weight drilling and "weighing" and so on, in terms of these aspects, in fact, is the vertical axis of drilling rig new trend, but also when we need to focus on the development of technology.

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