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Wireline Drilling Casing Pipe (AW/BW/NW/HW/PW) Jul 02, 2017

Drill Rod and Casing

Basic Info

  • Length: 1-6m

  • Material: Carbide

  • Trademark: Xizuan

  • Usage: Core Drilling

  • Precision: High Precision

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Brief Introductions of Casing Pipe
It is used for protecting subsurface formations. It also protects the wellbore from collapsing. Owing to its functions, circulation and extraction of drilling fluid are allowed to take place. Geotec have years of experience in producing quality casing pipes, any of your requirements will be warlmly welcomed.

Features of Casing Pipe
1) Use optimized buttress thread so that the connecting strength can reach the strength of the pipe body.
2) High seal reliability: this product has the multi-seal configuration.
3) The joint has high capability to resist compression, bending and over-torque load with the reverse torque internal shoulder.
4) Energy loss reduction: the air and liquid turbulence are reduced by the inner flat design.

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Add: No122 Xizhang Road,Gushan Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province