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Things should be noted when transfer the site of drilling rig Jun 29, 2017

The drilling rig transferred from one area to another should be done as follows:

       Before transfer: Place each joystick in "0" position or lock;


Drilling tower

       Lock the direction locking device and other safty lock of mechanism;

       Discharge the oil and water as well as compressed air in the tank;

       Remove the battery to 20h discharge to the "end of the voltage", pour out the electrolyte, repeatedly washed with distilled water, dry, tighten the liquid hole cover, sealed vent, put back to the machine;

       The exposed parts of the piston rod coated with grease and sticker protection;

 Do the job of archiving work and records, the establishment of unsealed guidance manual.


drilling mud pump

Before use:

       In accordance with the unsealed guidance manual unsealed, and do maintenance work;

       Select the minimum temperature in the area and add the electrolyte, engine oil and antifreeze (or cooling water);

       According to the requirements of the new battery fully charged, do inspection of machine before the start;

       Start the engine, until the machine is running normally after the engine flameout, open the security lock, and then start the machine again ,if no error the machine can be put into use.


diamond core bit

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Add: No122 Xizhang Road,Gushan Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province