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Drilling rig installation is accurate Jun 15, 2017

Drilling installation must be smooth, correct, complete, reliable, to ensure the safe operation of equipment. Before installation, the rig installation and operation personnel should carefully read the relevant instruction manual, clear requirements and regulations, familiar with the overall drilling rig, supporting the structural characteristics of the components, weight, size, do the preparatory work.

Installation tools for the installation of rigs: Steel tape, level with a set of drilling rig installation and commissioning tools.

Drilling machine equipped with 25T, 40T crane 2 sets.

Drilling rigs, long parts, such as winch, drilling pump, electric control room, generator room, oil tank, derrick and base, etc., during loading, unloading and installation. Should use a dedicated lifting rope.

The entire well site should be flat without obstructions. Construction of reinforced concrete foundation according to the requirements of drilling rig foundation diagram.

Based on the wellbore center. Draw vertical and horizontal center lines and all ground equipment position lines.