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The main factors that affect the life of the Drill rig Jun 15, 2017

Due to the special nature of the rig, the general life of the rig is relatively short. So, how to extend the life of the rig has become a problem in front of everyone. However, according to Zhigao drilling experts for many years found that the impact of drilling rig life of the main factors are the following aspects:

First, the impact of material quality

This is the basic condition that the material properties include: mild, abrasion resistance, stiffness, toughness, hardness, processability and heat treatment performance.

Second, the impact of surface quality

For non-mating surfaces, poor surface quality can cause corrosion of the equipment. With the surface, excessive roughness will cause the wear and tear wear increased, so that the continuity of the lubricating oil film is damaged, the corrosive wear increased, so that the durability of the tie and so on.

Third, with the nature of the impact

Fourth, the basic pieces of deformation

Due to the residual internal stress, external load and temperature, the basic parts of the equipment are often deformed. The basic pieces mainly refer to: the reduction, the gearbox shell, the diesel engine cylinder block and so on other parts that support the parts.

In short, when properly grasp the impact of drilling machine life and more factors, the rig life can be extended; the contrary will be shortened.