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The advantages of vertical/spindle drilling rigs Jul 11, 2017

Core drilling rig is a suitable rig in the mountainous terrain or in the forest construction, with modular design, easy demolition assembly drilling high efficiency, easy to transport, low cost, environmental protection and other characteristics. In most cases can drill into the depth of more than 350 meters of HQ and more than 500 meters of NQ formation. Construction: safe and secure, the new structure of the drilling mast. Advantages: Particularly suitable for mountainous terrain cutting large environmental construction or construction in the forest area, drilling rigs only 4X4 meters or even smaller leveling site work. There is no need to build a temporary transport road to deal with the formation of a large number of earth and stone excavation or cutting a large number of trees, to reduce the destruction of vegetation and the environment, reduce the amount of compensation for drilling temporary leased land, so as to maximize the maintenance of the construction site and Surroundings. The drill rig has a higher rotational speed and a more rigorous drilling rig to cut the rock, greatly reducing the exploration period and reducing the cost. The rig is not only fast, uniform fuel consumption per 100 meters 400 liters, the core rate of up to 95% or more.


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