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Structure and Classification of Engineering Drilling Rig Jun 15, 2017

Engineering rigs in the construction industry is widely used, at the same time in high-rise buildings, ports, dams, electricity, terminals, bridges and other applications are also many. Light to understand its application, not enough to fully grasp the engineering rig, the following to understand the structure of the drilling rig and classification.

 Engineering rig structure: by the power part, the main sub-hoist, gearbox, gear box, disc, hydraulic parts, faucets, drill pipe, rack, control box and other auxiliary components.

Classification of engineering rigs:

1, rotary drilling rig, relying on the rotary motion of the drilling tool to break the formation of holes.

2, the impact of drilling rigs, by drilling the vertical reciprocating motion, so that the impact of the bottom of the drill bit to break the rock.

3, there are two kinds of composite drilling: one is the impact of the role of rotation and drilling together with the drilling rig, such as pneumatic jackhole hammer drill. DTH hammer drill by the cylinder and piston and other components. The high pressure air provided by the air compressor drives the piston to reciprocate up and down, impacting the drill bit to enhance the ability of the drill bit to drill into the formation. At the same time, the drill is rotated at a relatively low speed of 35 to 60 revolutions per minute. The air discharged from the upper and lower cavities of the piston enters the drill bit and carries the hole bottom cuttings out of the wellhead. Pneumatic DTH hammer drill can be used for deep drilling of hard rock, drilling speed is high, drilling out of the well hole. The other is in the turntable rotary drilling machine on the basis of additional impact mechanism to turn the main drilling, when encountered pebble layer with the impact of drilling dual-use well drilling rig, the adaptability of various strata.