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Main principle to prevent borehole accident Jun 22, 2017
  1. Implement the policy of “prevention first”,before borehole,understanding constructure requirement specifically based on formation and technical design information,analyzing every probable problem to make resonable methond of borehole structure 、drilling leakage prevention and other technical measures.Before drilling to do the preparation of accidents possibility and material, combined with the previous drilling experience to develop specific measures to prevent accidents.


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  1. Strengthen the management of the drilling rig panel, ideological education and production technology management, establish and improve the job responsibility system, transfer shift system, security inspection system, equipment maintenance and maintenance system. With particular attention to strengthen the cooperation between the team, to strengthen the production of workers' sense of responsibility and rigorous work style of education.

  2. Strictly abide by the operating procedures, to prevent illegal operations, and continuously improve the quality of workers and operational skills

  3. Check the equipment and drilling tools performance and wear Carefully, possible and excessive wear should be replaced or repaired in time. Strengthen equipment management, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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    Hydraulic crawler drilling rig

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