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How to maintain wireline core barrel Jul 29, 2017

1. Check latch wear and spring deformation, use oil lubrication frequently;

2. Whether the single-action bearing is flexible, and regular inject into the greaser;

3. Once there is situation of the inner tube bending and pit deformation, repair or replace them;

4. The corelifter and the corelifter case are not deformed and worn. The depth of the core lifter case water way shall not be less than 4mm;

5. Each time to drill to check the latch fork fracture and found grinding rounded corners , use file to repair;

6.Check landing shoulder and landing ring wear and found that the touching surface has been ground into a conical ,replace it;

7. Each time fishing the core,check the head and tail spring of lifting dog wear, if there is a significant deformation ,replace it;

8.Check the wire rope ,see if there is damage, use oil maintenance;

9. Always check the full set of drilling tools, drill rod thread wear, and use thread oil frequently.

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