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How to explore in the gravel - sampling Jul 07, 2017

First, use swivel-tube core barrel and sm plant gum for high demands of coring.
Second, GXY-1 vertical drilling rig for engineering geological survey, solid ore exploration , blasting and a variety of concrete structure of the inspection hole, according to the differentformations, the choice of diamond, carbide, spiral and other bits. When the diameter is 150mm. When the drilling hole diameter of 6mm, drilling depth of up to 160m, such as the final hole diameter of 46mm, the drilling depth of up to 200m.


impregnated diamond core bits

Its characteristics are:
1. Drill input power, output torque, strong drilling ability.
2. Drilling machine output speed range, low speed 61r / min, suitable for engineering geological survey high speed of 654r / min, both for engineering geological survey, but also for diamond core drilling.
3. Drill with a box-type rotary device, with a large hole vibrator, handling accident capability.
4. With hydraulic feeding mechanism, the top of the vertical axis with a ball-type clamping mechanism to improve the efficiency of drilling, reduce labor intensity.
5. Drilling machine with active drill pipe, can be achieved without stopping the bar, high efficiency, safe and reliable.
6. Drill with double-piece normally closed friction clutch, opening and closing flexible, easy to adjust the operation.
7. Drilling gearbox with automotive gearbox structure, one hand to the variable speed, and interlocking mechanism, easy to operate.
8. Drilling machine and pump separation, pumps, drilling rigs equipped with power alone, can improve the output torque of the rig, especially in the deep hole into the drilling will not be due to power down, resulting in water pump contradictions, to avoid the hole accident.
9. Rigging compact structure, small size, light weight, the largest components within 100, easy to disintegrate and handling, suitable for hilly or mountain work.


Drilling Foot Clamp

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Add: No122 Xizhang Road,Gushan Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province