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Geological drill pipe in the drilling industry has a great role Jun 15, 2017

As a frequently used type of drill pipe, geological drill pipe not only in people's lives often encountered, in some areas of scientific research, it has played a significant role in the exploration of underground resources, people must use some Tools in depth to obtain the detailed location and depth of underground resources. After which we can use a variety of means to transport this part of the resources to the surface.

It can be said that the geological drill pipe can play a bearing on the role. As the underground environment is relatively poor, and in different regions, underground soil and the composition of the rock are slightly different, so the geological drill pipe is required to have the ability to operate in complex underground environments.

In the case of underground operations, the geological drill pipe needs to cope with the strong pressure, and as the depth of the deepening of the underground, its structure will become more complex, while the soil began to become less rock composition, so in this In case, we need our geological drill pipe to withstand more high-intensity pressure.