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Drilling craft drilling rig requirements Jun 15, 2017

The rig is a comprehensive unit that includes power and transmission equipment as well as work machines: winch, crane, trolley, hook, faucet, turntable, mud pump, derrick. Why use these devices? This is determined by the comprehensive requirements of the drilling process. The current drilling method is mainly rotary drilling: the use of drill bit rotation broken rock, the formation of well; the use of drill pipe to the drill bit to the bottom; the use of hooks, trolleys, cranes, winch from the drill pipe; Bottom cuttings. Drilling process team drilling machinery and equipment of the basic requirements of the following three aspects:

First, the ability to rotate the drilling: mechanical equipment should be able to provide a certain torque and speed, and maintain a certain pressure.

Second, from the drilling capacity: to have a certain weight and lifting speed.

Third, the ability to wash wells: to provide a certain pump pressure, so that a certain amount of liquid through the drill pipe to wash the bottom, and the cuttings out of the well.

In addition, the rigs are adapted to the drilling needs of different areas. Consider the rigidity of the rig. Requires easy installation of equipment disassembly and transportation. Drilling machine maintenance work must be simple, wear parts of the rig should be easy to replace.