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Characteristics of spiral drill pipe Jun 15, 2017

In today's 21st century, with the increase in population, the necessary resources will increase, especially for some energy resources is very necessary, such as coal, minerals and other resources. So the corresponding tool is also a corresponding increase, such as spiral drill pipe, the following came to tell you about its characteristics:

First, the drill pipe specifications Model drill pipe is divided into many types, such as twist drill pipe, anchor drill pipe, geological drill pipe, spiral drill pipe and groove drill pipe. Different types of drill pipe and a lot of models, spiral drill pipe is commonly used are divided into geological spiral drill pipe and high efficiency spiral drill pipe, spiral drill pipe also has a different specifications models;

Second, the spiral drill pipe material drill pipe material determines the quality of the drill pipe, which determines the price of drill pipe. Drill pipe material has a lot of 55 silicon manganese molybdenum, 95 chromium molybdenum steel and 42CrMo material, the same type of drill pipe, the material is not the same price is not the same;

Third, the spiral drill pipe production process The same type of drill pipe using the production process is different from the production of the two drill pipe can be used in different environments, such as friction welding and quenching and tempering heat treatment process drill pipe can be used to play more than Rock formation, no treatment of the drill pipe can only play the general rock. The drill pipe is harder than the average drill pipe.