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Application of Drill rigs Jun 15, 2017

Why is the rig welcome? What are the applications of rigs? Today to introduce you to the next:

(1) In the exploration of deposits, especially in the exploration of rare metals such as non-ferrous metals, tunnel drilling is used to reclaim ore deposits, cryptographic exploration and geological structures to delineate ore bodies and sampling and verification.

(2) In the mining of the mine, the tunnel drilling technology is often used to drill underground observation holes, ventilation holes, drainage holes, gas discharge holes, grouting holes, anchoring holes and excavation of the pilot hole. The following are the same as the "

(3) In the field of other geotechnical engineering construction, the equipment and technology of tunnel drilling can be used for the reinforcement of the geological hazard of the dam foundation, the support of the deep foundation pit, and the underground construction of industrial commercial traffic.