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Analysis on present situation of geological drilling in China and the development prospects Jul 21, 2017

China’s economic and social development have stepped in to new normal.In geological drilling industry,which is the main supporting technology for geological survey and mineral exploration,captital investment in significantly reduced and the workload sharply decreases with surplus production in conventional drilling construction;on the other hand,new service areas are explanding for geological drilling,including deep scientific drilling,geothermal energy and unconventional energy exploration,marine,geological disaster prevention,ecological environment,the moon and the polar,etc.How to cope with the new situation is a challenge for the whole drilling industry.Based on the investigation and analysis on the difficulties,challenges and opportunities foe geological drillling both at present and in the coming period,the paper prospects the future development of geological drilling in China,the workland of geological drilling will be further reduced;while in the new areas and new indusry status,the demand for drilling engineering and advanced drilling technologries as well as equipments will further increase.The geological drilling application will be closer to the national demand with more attention to environmental protection ides.

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Add: No122 Xizhang Road,Gushan Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province

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