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Impregnated core drill maintenance and use of safety precautions

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In practice, in order to ensure that the impregnated core drill performance is fully realized, we should follow the specific operating procedures, which not only can extend its service life, but also  maintain the safety of work. For example, in the use of impregnated core drill bit steel, be sure to ensure adequate cooling, and to use metal cutting fluid.


As a user, we should understand that, in fact, to ensure a good steel drill, and the appropriate rail clearance, can significantly improve the accuracy of drilling, while helping to extend the life of impregnated core drill. In addition, be sure to ensure that the magnetic seat and the workpiece between the formation and cleaning. When drilling thin plate, should pay attention to the workpiece is fixed, when drilling large parts, but also pay attention to ensure the stability of the workpiece.


Normally, during the drilling process using impregnated core bits, the feed should be reduced by one-third during the initial and final stages. In the drilling, if there is a large number of small powder materials, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc., you can not use the coolant, but the use of compressed air to help chip removal. It should be noted that the site staff should promptly remove the iron wrapped around the drill body in order to ensure the chip evacuation.


In addition, it is required to store the impregnated core drill bit in the intended package to avoid vibration or collision. In use, remove it from the box and install it in the collet chuck of the spindle or automatically replace the tool magazine in the drill bit. Put it back into the box immediately after use.


During operation, the staff should wear the relevant safety protection equipment. Before using, pay attention to see if there is a wound in the impregnated core drill, and do not use if there is any scars. Before replacing or disassembling the impregnated core bit, make sure the power is off. In short, please pay attention to daily maintenance, so as not to affect the use of results.


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