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Hydraulic Technology and Application Field of Hydraulic Crawler Drill

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In the process of operation, the hydraulic crawler drilling rig mainly adopts its new hydraulic technology. When it is used, its gas consumption is low and the rotating torque is large. In use, the shifting hole displacement is convenient, and the hydraulic crawler drilling rig has a compact structure. At the same time, the sliding carriage has a telescopic compensation function.

When the hydraulic crawler drilling rig is drilling, its carriage will be effectively supported on the ground. When it is used, its drilling stability is good. When the entire equipment is in use, its drilling rig performance is reliable and the drilling efficiency is high, to a certain extent. It can be applied to the diversification of operating conditions, which is a powerful guarantee for construction companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

When hydraulic rigs are in use, they are mainly used for pile anchoring, water wells, photovoltaic solar energy rotating piles, and rock blasting hole rock drilling in water conservancy, power station, open-pit mine mining, and road construction. According to the needs of the engineering foundation piling, we have adopted the advanced technology of the domestic similar products and developed the hydraulic drilling rigs with major improvements in key structures and technologies.

Hydraulic crawler drilling rigs are applicable to their soil layers and weathered rock formations to a certain extent, and are particularly suitable for the foundation construction of complex strata such as pebble and cement layers. It is widely used in the construction of bridge projects, construction projects, dam foundations, farmland water conservancy projects, and deep-water well projects.

In the process of operation, the hydraulic crawler drilling rig mainly uses the diesel engine or the motor as the input power of the hydraulic station of the drilling rig, and adopts two types of vehicle-mounted self-propelled or tracked-chassis self-propelled. The user can choose according to the actual situation, with the hydraulic pump station as the power source, the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic cylinder as the implementing agency, through the hydraulic transmission and control system, to realize the whole process of drilling machine operation.


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