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Hydraulic Power Tongs,rod Tongs,casing Power Tong for well drilling



xz114/6yb hydraulic power tong is a type of medium-sized tong,widely applied in making-up and breaking out for well drilling and repairing.


1.The advenced automatic hydraulic backuo tong controlled by manual valve matches master tong well

,the back tong freely clamps and escapes from the pipe synchronously,enabling a reliable and flexible combined operation.

2.The dies are common for drill pipe of different specification s bu changing various tongs of the master tong and backup tong.

3.Big speed differences between gear shifts provide a high sppeed at the high gear and a big torque at the low gear.

4.The brake and direction control mechanism in the head of the tong is reliable in performance and convenience in assembly,adjustment and repair.

5.The brake and direction control mechnaism in the head of the tong floats under the master tong which is suspending and the backup tong hose is connected to the master tong with joint.The backup can be easily removed from the master tong for convenient handling and move.

6.Torque reader can be chosen to set on the back of the backup tong.


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