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Hydraulic crawler drill use and features

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After the improvement of the key structure and technology and optimization, the overall performance of hydraulic crawler drilling rig has been significantly improved. The equipment not only can be used in a variety of soil, weathering rock formation, but also in the gravel layer, cement and other complex formation of the foundation also showed superior performance. Hydraulic crawler drilling rig so far in the bridge construction, construction and other construction has been widely used.


Here we are mainly to introduce the main performance characteristics of hydraulic crawler drill to deepen everyone's understanding and understanding. First of all, the device can be a diesel engine or motor as a hydraulic rig hydraulic power input, using self-propelled vehicle or track chassis self-propelled two types. In other words, in practical applications, users can flexibly choose according to their needs, which is convenient.


Second, the hydraulic crawler drilling rig during operation, mainly hydraulic pump station as a power source, hydraulic motors and cylinders which as the implementing agency, through the hydraulic transmission and control system to complete the operation requirements. The power head is composed of two hydraulic motors and a simple structure gear reducer, directly drive the drill to rotate. Due to the smaller power head speed, so to ensure stable operation, but also to minimize noise effects.


In comparison, the hydraulic crawler drilling rig uses the cylinder to control the drilling, which can not only ensure the accurate movement of the power head, but also complete the movements such as floating, hovering and pressurizing drilling, and cancel the lifting of the hoisting machine Body, reducing the weight of the device.


Overall, the hydraulic crawler drill with its own advantages, has brought great help to users. The overall composition of the hydraulic crawler drilling rig is relatively simple and reasonable, and the structure is compact, not only convenient for operation and maintenance, but also convenient for maintenance, short preparation work time, high operation efficiency and easy movement.


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