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How to properly use and maintenance PQ diamond bit ?

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As a user we need to learn some proper handling and maintenance tips on PQ drill bits,Hope to maximize the use of the product performance. Such as peacetime PQ drill should be installed in a special package box,To prevent the occurrence of vibration or collision and so on., it can be removed from the box and then loaded into the spindle collet in use.Or you can also put it into the magazine automatically replace PQ drill, remember, after use should be promptly returned to the box.


In order to ensure the use of the effect, you can use four times the stereo microscope to check the cutting edge wear.In addition, staff need to periodically check the concentricity of the spindle and collet to prevent unexpected problems.At the same time also pay attention to frequently check the spindle presser foot, so as to avoid drilling and hole drilling.


In order to prolong its service life as much as possible, it is also possible to reduce the cost by appropriately increasing the number of refinishings during use.Normally, the microscope should be used for the measurement. The depth of wear shall not exceed 0.2 mm over the full length of the two main cutting edges.When grinding to 0.25 mm. However, if the number of refinishing, it will lead to reduced quality and accuracy of drilling.


In addition, the inspection should be carried out before entering the factory. The sampling is usually carried out. The sampling ratio is about 4%. The nicks, scratches and cracks of 10% to 15 times of the microscopes are checked with 100%.Also need to pay attention during the daily use of quality testing. PQ drills are scrapped if the wear is found to be severe after testing and the wear diameter is reduced by 2% from the original.


Need to remind everyone that during daily use, you need to pay attention to the reasonable set PQ drill parameters.Usually manufacturers will provide a product on the drilling speed and lower speed of the parameter table, but this parameter table is for reference only.Specific parameters need to be set according to production requirements to determine, in order to ensure the use of PQ drill.


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