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How to properly care wireline core barrel

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From the current domestic market situation to analyze the case, most of the wireline core barrel in the structure and operating principle is basically the same. And after years of development and improvement, today's wireline core barrel is not only flexible and reliable, but also to ensure a higher core success rate. And for the late use of the effect, we also need to maintain it.

So, how to carry out maintenance? There should be a lot of users friends for this issue more concerned about the following may wish to work with us to understand the specific content. First of all, in our daily work, we should develop a good habit of regularly checking the rope from the core drill. Mainly to see the wear of the bomb card to confirm the existence of the deformation of the problem. Under normal circumstances, when the card is in the open state, then the maximum distance between the two sides will be more than the bullet card head diameter of about 1.5mm.


If more than this range, then it is necessary to replace the need to replace the new card. In addition, in order to ensure its flexibility, we also need regular lubrication care. At the same time also need to rope to take the core drill single-action bearing to add the right amount of butter. If you find a single move is not flexible, should be promptly checked, if necessary, should be replaced.

Then, we should also carry out regular cleaning work to ensure that the rope from the core parts of the cleanliness of the drill. If it is found that the inner tube is clearly curved, it should be straightened. If found to have pits should be replaced promptly, so as not to affect the core into the inner tube.

In fact, in the actual work, there are many problems that need our attention. As a user, we should do this work seriously. For example, in each time before fishing core, should carefully check the rope to wear the core drill wear situation. If you find serious damage to parts, be sure to replace as soon as possible.

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