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How to prevent borehole accident

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  1. It is the origin to make specific technical measures to keep the hole wall stable, the diameter and the direction are accurate. Prevent the drilling leakage, especially the management of drilling fluid ,it is an important technical link to prevent accidents in the hole, the washing fluid performance is appropriate, adjustment in time, also contribute to the treatment and reduce the damage of the accident.


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  2. Pay attention to the sign of various signs of the accident, solve every abnormal situation without any carelessness. Once  an accident happended, analysis of the cause of the accident, make sure the responsibility of the accident ,educate the staff, punish the person who is responible for  this accident, And mobilize the staff to summarise the lessons learned to prevent  similar incidents.

  3. Without affecting the safety of the downhole ,improve drilling efficiency, speed up the construction progress, help to prevent accidents.

  4. Promote diamond drilling and other advanced technology, contribute to reducing the accident rate.


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