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How to choose a wireline drill rod?

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In practice, wireline drill rod played a very important role. First of all, its correct use will directly affect the accurate acquisition of geological data. At the same time the control of drilling costs will have a significant impact. Because of this, as a user, pay special attention to its quality problems in the process of selecting ropes and rods.


In general, in order to ensure the use of results, wireline drill rod material, model and brand must meet certain requirements. So, how to choose specific? Here we will address this issue for everyone to share, hope to help.


First of all, let's know about the material and model selection. Under normal circumstances, in the production of processing wireline drill rod, the rod material is mainly selected 42MnMoB material. This material has very good overall mechanical properties. At both ends of the quenched and tempered yield strength can be increased from 590MPa to 950MPa, to meet the drilling operations within 2500. If more than this depth, then you can choose the overall quenched rod, and the joint is 30CrMnSiA material after quenching and tempering. This can be as much as possible to improve its overall mechanical properties.


As for the connection, you can use asymmetric screw connections, this is because this connection can be a good way to prevent tripping problems. In addition, we recommend that you try to choose influential brand. This is because these brands of wireline drill pipe products not only to ensure product quality, but also to ensure after-sales service conditions.


In short, I hope everyone in the process of buying wireline drill pipe products, combined with the actual needs of more consideration, choose the most suitable for their own products. You know, a reasonable choice of rope drill pipe, not only can reduce a lot of trouble, but also can save costs.


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