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How the Drill rig works

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Drilling machine is in the geological exploration, driving drilling tools to the underground drilling, access to physical geological data of mechanical equipment, also known as drilling machine. The main role is to drive the drilling tool to break the bottom of the rock, down or put in the hole of the drill, can be used to drill core, mining heart, cuttings, gas samples, liquid samples, etc., to explore underground geological and mineral resources Happening.

There are many friends for the drilling machine is not very understanding of the working principle, the following Xiaobian for everyone to be a detailed description:

 Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the circulating fluid flows from the sedimentation tank through the backgut along the annular gap of the wellbore to the bottom of the well, since the turntable drives the drill pipe to drive the drill bit to be drilled and pumped by the mud pump Of the negative pressure to the debris mud into the drill pipe cavity, and then rose to the faucet, the mud pump into the sedimentation tank, the sedimentation of the circulating fluid continues to flow into the well, so so again and again, the formation of a reverse cycle drilling work. The mud or water enters from the drill pipe and flows out of the wellhead. For the circular drilling machine. The mud or water is sucked from the drill pipe and flows from the wellhead. For reverse circulation drilling machine. Positive and negative circulation refers to the drilling fluid (mud or water) in the drilling machine in the way that the drilling machine drill bit when drilling will produce slag, slag, etc., through the positive and negative cycle can be mud by the slag To the ground, and then through the sedimentation tank after the mud and then back to the drilling. This non-stop cycle, and finally into the hole. Reverse circulation can bring out larger diameter slag.

 Large drilling works can not be separated from the use of drilling rigs, its good performance greatly enhance the drilling speed and efficiency, especially in remote areas, the use of drilling rigs more widely.


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