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How much do you know about the wireline coring rig

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How much do you know about the wireline coring rig?

How many meters can a drill be drilled?

【Overview】 Speaking of rope to take the core drilling machine, first of all we actually think it is actually a new technology, wireline coring rig for drilling rig and its requirements on the drill pipe is actually relatively high, in terms of The actual application of the time we actually will find that when the choice of Baosteel R780 material as a drill pipe when the depth of its drilling is actually can reach 2000 meters.

Then, in terms of wireline coring rig equipment, it is in fact through the modular design, with more easy to disassemble the assembly, there is the drilling efficiency in fact it will be relatively high, so that we can transport Moreover, in terms of another aspect, we actually have to pay attention to its own capital on the relatively low, with environmental protection and other characteristics.

Although the wireline coring rig looks more cumbersome, but in fact, it will be very sensitive to work, there are safe and reliable features, the rig on the relatively relatively new, on its structure is also quite satisfactory, but safe.

Then, for the wireline coring rig equipment, it is to a certain extent, in fact, it will be more appropriate in the mountain terrain cutting large environment which construction or construction in the forest area, in terms of drilling rig, in fact, Only need 4,44 meters, or a smaller leveling site to work. Do not need to build a temporary transport road, when dealing with leveling machine, to avoid a large number of earth and stone excavation or cutting more trees, reducing the vegetation or the destruction of the environment.

Finally, the rope from the core drilling rig equipment is relatively new technology. In fact, it is because it can maximize the maintenance of the construction site and its surrounding environment. wireline coring rig can be more smooth to cut the rock, this way, to a large extent also shorten its exploration period, directly to reduce its cost.

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