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How does a tunnel core drilling rig drill a complex formation?

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When the tunnel core drilling rig conducts drilling work on complex formations, in order to ensure the drilling quality, it is first necessary to select suitable drill bits for use according to the conditions of the complex strata; other methods must also be used to strengthen daily routines of the core drilling rig in accordance with the special characteristics of the complex strata. maintenance work.


Before drilling, check the lubrication and single-action performance of the single-acting bearing of the core drill of the tunnel core drill rig and apply butter to the inner wall of the inner tube. At the same time, according to the degree of crushing of the ground layer and hydration and expansion, select the appropriate size of clamping spring and claw spring and adjust The gap between the retainer and the inner tube ensures that the core smoothly enters the inner tube and does not come off when drilling.


Tunnel core drilling rigs must slow down, pump mud under the edge of the drill, so that the bottom of the hole should be kept clean to prevent the rock powder in the hole from entering the drilling tool. During the drilling process, the mud cleaning system should be turned on to reduce the solid content of the mud, thereby reducing the impact on the equipment.


Another point is to formulate mud systems that adapt to complex formations based on the characteristics of the formation. Tunnel core drilling rig drill in complex formations, the mud has a particularly important role in the stability of the hole wall and the smooth drilling of the core. In order to prepare the mud for complex formations, the actual conditions of the formation to be drilled should be taken as the starting point to analyze the defects and hazards of the commonly used finely-dispersed mud, and then the low solid-phase non-dispersed flocculating mud should be selected specifically for the characteristics of the stratum.


Relatively speaking, the low-solid-phase non-dispersed flocculated mud has thin and tough mud, good wall protection, low water loss, hydrated inhibitor, reduced hydration, strong sealing capacity, low clay content, low density, and easy balance of formation pressure. When the tunnel core drilling rig is drilled, it can maintain long-term stability and protect the equipment.


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