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Got a Big Task We Have Got You Covered

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There are diverse drilling projects and programs which the companies need to carry out. For each drilling project, the companies have to get a suitable type of drilling machine. For instance, you have to carry out the spindle type core drilling project then you have to get Spindle Core Drilling Machine. Nevertheless, before carrying out any project, it is essential for companies to do sufficient research. The research work should not be limited at all.

Spindle Type Core Drilling Rigs

These rigs are useful for all civil and industrial buildings. They are excellent for the geological survey like railway, highway, dam site, bridge foundation, well, water conservancy, ventilation, mining, drainage construction. It is easy to pick the bits like hard metal, spiral type, and diamond type. The Spindle Type Core Drilling Rigs are lightweight, small in volume and compact in design. They have a number of advantages due to which they are used across the globe

Got A Big Task We Have Got You Covered

If you have got a big drilling project then you need to use a Drilling Rig Spindle Core. These Spindle Type Core Drilling Rigs are accessible in a wide range. They can easily meet the drilling process requirements of diverse projects.

It does not matter what type of project you are going to deal with, you need to make use of these rigs. These rigs are available in diverse sizes from which you can pick the suitable one. In case, you have got these rigs in right size then they have got you covered. The Spindle Type Core Drilling Rigs have the following features:

· The speed range of these rigs is reasonable.

· They can adopt auto gearbox assemblage of MW525.

· It is stress-free to control the speed of these rigs with a remote.

· Bearing capacity is exceptional and torque is high.

· They have large power installed and two series of the reverse speed. Due to this reason, it is for the workers to deal with these rigs and stop accidents before occurring.

· The motor drive structure is compact

· The control handle is flexible and dependable. For that reason, it is easy to control the operation in a simple way.

· The diameter hole of the vertical shaft can range from 80mm to 100mm. However, you can replace it with a six square drill tube.

· It contains a hydraulic feeding device which makes it more efficient.

· The drilling rig has a nice rigidity.

· It is able to reduce the strength of workers.

· The rig is featured with an upper jaw holding mechanism.

· The hexagonal drilling rod is present in it which is not so hard to replace. This rod makes it completely safe to use.

· There is a bottom hole pressure gauge incorporated in it. It indicates the pressure in accordance to manage the status within the hole.

· The workers can independently control vertical hoist and shaft.

· It is lightweight and simple to move along.

· Industries can use it in the plain or mountain areas just because of its easy transportation, suitability, structure, lightweight and small volume.


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