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Fast Drilling Speed Hydraulic Crawler Surface, Rotary, Diamond Core Drilling Rig with 2000m Drilling Capacity for Exploration



Hydraulic pumps,main valve and hydraulic motor are all from famous international brands,rotating head feeding,speed structure of oil tank lifting,long-range feeding system;drill head driven by double-motor and adopts enclosed hydraulic sysytem,2grades mechanical shift gears and hydraulic operated stepless shift gears;mast adopts hydraulic powered lift/down,wuth touchdown fuction.can be folded;hydraulic system adopts sensitive load control,track walks,with high-position operation platform and orifice operation platform;with hydraulic support device;with high supporter and low guider devices; orifice with hudraulic holder ,optional gauges monitoring system.

1. Main Features of the rig:
The rig, equipped with tracks, has a hydraulic driving system. It owns a brief but advanced structure, with its power head driven by a variable motor and its speed adjustable for 2 gears. With the oil cylinder working with a speed-changeable chain, its performance is stable and reliable. The mast is adjustable in the range from 0°To 90°To ensure a proper hole-drilling angle. The low gravity center of the rig promises a steady operation. And it provides the operators with a convenient and comfortable working circumstance with a wide view. In short, the rig has a beautiful outline and shows a people-oriented design idea.
1)Reliable Quality
The main parts and auxiliary equipment, including the engine, diesel engine, hydraulic pump, gear reducer and some key valves and hydraulic accessories, are all products with well-known brands.
2) High Efficiency
Big torque, powerful driving force, rational and practical design, advanced controlling mode and a 6-meter-long (19.7 feet) drilling rod guarantee the high operation efficiency of the rig.
3)Environmental Protection
The diesel engine is professionally designed to reduce noise and other contamination (The noise can not be over 72dB), which makes the rig proper to be operated in urban areas.
4)Energy Saving
The advanced technique of loading-sensor-controlling helps the rig reduce its consumption of driving force and heat discharge to the minimum extent.
HYDX-6 has an outstanding external appearance, a compacted structure, a reliable function, and a flexible operating system. All these factors have made the rig the best choice among the same products in both domestic and abroad markets.
2. Application Range
HYDX-6 can be applied to both slant and vertical drilling. Being a rig equipped with diamond and the carbide alloy bit drilling, it can be used in the fields of geology, metallurgy, coal mining, nuke industry and hydrology measuring. 

Main technical parameter

Diesel Engine Model HYDX-6
Model Kangmingsi 6CT8.3-C240
Power 179kw
Speed 2200rpm
Drilling Capacity BQ 2000m
NQ 1600m
HQ 1300m
PQ 1000m
Rotator Capacity RPM Two shifts/stepless 0-100rmp
Max.Torque 6400N.M
Hold Diameter 121mm
Max.Lifting capacity of spindle 220kn
Max.feeding power 110kn
Capacity of Main Hoist Hoisting Force(single wire) 120kn
Steel Wire Diameter 22mm
Steel Wire Length 50m
Capacity of Steel Wire Hoist Hoisting Force(single wire) 15kn (bare drum)
Steel wire Diameter 6mm
Steel wire Length 2000m
Mast Mast Height 12m
Mast Adjusting Angle 0°~90°
Drilling Angle 45°~90°
Feeding Stroke 3800mm
Slippage Stroke 1100mm
Other Weight 14500kg
Dimensions(LXWXH) 6250X2220X2500mm
Transport Way Steel track
Mud pump Model BW320

Clamping Scope 55.5-117.5mm(φ154mm)



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