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Extend The Usefulness Of The Drill Pipe Nine Tips

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1, in the use of the new drill pipe, it should be determined before the cutter head (to protect the shaft) of the thread is close to the new one of the buckle is easy to damage the new drill pipe thread, causing leakage, Off state.

2, the use of drill pipe for the first time drilling, it should first "grinding new buckle", which contains, first cast wire oil, and then fully tightened with a rig, and then open the button, and then cast the thread Oil and then open, so repeated three times, you can avoid the new wear and buckle.

3, as far as possible to maintain the drill pipe on the ground and the ground was a straight line, so as to avoid part of the side of the threaded force and cause unwanted wear, or even jump, pay attention to the rig anchorage to avoid the construction of the force is very important of.

4, the buckle should be slowly tightened to reduce the overheating wear.

5, each time the buckle must be tightened with full torque, and often pay attention to the state of the clip is good.

6, to shorten the distance from the drill into the ground, because if the lack of support drill pipe, drill pipe will guide the easy to bend deformation, resulting in shortened life expectancy.

7, to keep the entrance angle as small as possible, slowly according to drill pipe safety requirements to change the angle.

8, do not exceed the maximum bending radius of the drill pipe, with particular attention to change into a horizontal section at the time of drilling and change to drill angle change when drilled.

9, keep the use of drill pipe in turn, to avoid a fixed drill guide to guide and back expansion, must take turns to avoid excessive wear and broken bars.


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