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Drilling speed and process requirements of Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits

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In the process of drilling, the Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits is the main tool for breaking the rock. During the process of making the drill hole, the wellbore is formed by the broken rock of the drill. Under normal circumstances, the wellbore is formed well. Length, in addition to the characteristics of the rock and the drill itself and the performance of the drill itself, but also with the drill and the degree of mutual matching between the formation.

The reasonable selection of Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits can play an important role in improving the drilling speed and effectively reducing the cost of drilling. The drill bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling. Whether the drill bit adapts to rock properties And its quality is good or bad, in the selection of drilling technology plays a very important role, especially for drilling quality, drilling speed, drilling costs have a huge impact.

The use of Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits can effectively improve the mechanical drilling tools, in use will shorten the drilling cycle, the drill bit is the main component of drilling equipment, its main role is to break the rock, the formation of wellbore. Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits is currently used in the oil industry drill, driven by the mechanical rotation of the drill will produce rotation, which led to the entire drill to produce centripetal movement.

Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits in the course of the operation will play a role in drilling down, the drill bit is one of the main drilling equipment, in the use of effective according to the working environment and geographical environment, drill bit size, shape should also have Is different, in the oil drilling work, should be specific needs, specific design as the basis, rationally and scientifically select the drill.

In the specific drilling work scientifically select the drill bit, reasonably determine the drilling fluid, so as to improve the efficiency of oil drilling, the quality of work in order to make oil drilling better play their own value, to promote the development of the oil industry to make some contribution.

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