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Drilling speed and effect of impregnated core drill bit

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The impregnated core drill bit is mainly one of the important tools for oil drilling in the process of operation. In the process of operation, whether the drill bit adapts to the quality of the rock and the quality of the rock to a certain extent, in the selection of the drilling technology Plays a very important role.

Impregnated core drill bit will have a huge impact on drilling quality and drilling speed to a certain extent, and its products are very widely used as a kind of cracking tools. It effectively improves the mechanical drilling tools and shortens the drilling cycle time. .

Impregnating the core drill bit is a very important part of the drilling equipment. Its main function is to break through the rocks and form the wellbore during the operation. Rotary drill bits impregnated with core drill bits are commonly used in the oil industry. To a certain extent, rotation of the drill head will be generated by the rotation of the machine, which will drive the entire drill bit to generate centripetal motion and make the rock occur through erosion and grinding. crack.

The impregnation of the core drill bit marks and crushes, and plays a role of downward drilling. The product will effectively differ according to the work environment and the geographical environment. The specifications and shapes of the drill bit should also be different. When performing oil drilling work, it should be specific. Needs, specific design options for the basis, reasonable and scientific choice of drill.

The impregnated core bit scientifically selects the drill bit in the specific drilling work, and needs to reasonably determine the drilling fluid in the process of operation, so as to improve the work efficiency and work quality of the oil drilling, so that the oil drilling can better play its own value. Promote the development of the oil industry to make a certain contribution.


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