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Drilling rig routine maintenance key points

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In order to make better use of drilling rigs, we need to enhance maintenance as a user during everyday use. The so-called maintenance, including regular inspection, but also includes maintenance records, as well as maintenance. Next, we will brief you on a brief summary of the daily maintenance of drilling rigs, hoping to provide some reference.


The first part, the main items on drilling rig regular inspections :


The first is about the drilling rig itself structural status and the inspection of the various connectors, especially in the use of the approach, it should be tested for safety. In addition, check the status of each power head, work cylinder and drill pipe regularly.


Second, pay attention to rigorous inspection of the drilling rig electrical system, including: short-circuit protection device and leakage protection device is intact, the special box settings, the system emergency power switch, box damping device and the work of the device Cable is fixed, lighting lines are connected well.


The second part, on the use of drilling rig during the need to always check the project:


In addition to regularly checking items, there are many issues that require constant attention. The first is to check the wire rope end consolidation, the main contents of the number of safety wire rope, wire rope selection, installation, lubrication, wire rope quality inspection, etc., to ensure the safe operation of drilling rig.


Also need to frequently view the drilling rig pulley system and the walking system, mainly includes: the pulley body condition, pile driver pipe, pallets and hook system conditions, laying sleepers and so on. At the same time, drilling drilling rig maintenance records should also be done on the replacement of spare parts should be detailed records.


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