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Drilling rig operation and maintenance

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1. Engage the clutch or the work wheel rotation, it must be light, uniform, stable.

2. Manipulation of the hand to shift, change, move or join the horizontal and vertical axis box, the clutch must be placed in a separate position, or to stop working wheel rotation.

3. Chuck top wire must be evenly tightened.

4. When using Planetary Gear Lifts, it is forbidden to brake the left and right brakes at the same time; it is strictly forbidden to engage the handbrake and brake brakes when using the XB-500 rig lifter.

5. Before moving the hydraulic drilling rig, you should loosen the locking mechanism and wipe the slide rail and apply lubricant. After locking the locking mechanism. Vertical shaft hydraulic drilling rig is not in the front and rear limit position, drilling or lifting is strictly prohibited.

6. Drilling should pay attention to the pressure gauge and hole bottom pressure gauge response. Need to increase or decrease the pressure at the bottom of the hole axis, it should be gradually adjusted, shall not be suddenly changed. The hydraulic control handle shall not be used at the same time.

7. At any time pay attention to the Ministry of the machine with an abnormal noise, as well as gearbox, gyrator, horizontal axis box, vertical axis box, bearings, bushings, pumps, tubing, fuel tanks and other places have more than hot temperature (60 or so).

8. Deep-hole operation, the cooling system of the ring must be used in accordance with the provisions of the cooling water cooling. Cold weather parking a long time, the cooling water to be net.

9. Keep the rig clean, no mud, sand or other debris on the body surface. Cast stone and steel tablets, the chuck must be good.


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