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Drilling rig control system and accessories replacement instructions

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For drilling rigs, their performance is directly affected by the control system. In other words, in order to ensure the coordinated work of the three major working units of the rig to meet the requirements of the drilling process, the rig should be equipped with a control system. At present, the control methods for drilling rigs can be selected according to the needs, including mechanical control, gas control, electrical control and hydraulic control.


However, for the time being, drilling rigs generally use a centralized gas control method, which can well control the clutch clutch, the parallel operation of each power machine, the start and stop of winches, turntables, and drilling pumps, and the high and low speeds of winches. Control etc. At the same time, some auxiliary equipment will be configured to ensure the safety and normal operation of drilling. Common auxiliary equipment includes blowout preventer units for blowout prevention, generators for providing lighting and auxiliary power for drilling, air compression equipment for supplying compressed air, and water supply and oil supply equipment.


During the inspection process, if you find that some of the accessories need to be replaced, how do you do this? In fact, if you need to replace the throttle fittings of the drilling rig, then you need to replace the valve plate and valve seat first, the steps are: remove the pressure in the valve chamber, remove the bonnet bolts, and remove the valve plate and the valve cover above. Then remove the grooved round nut, the switch pin, the hexagonal screw, and the front and rear stop caps. The cartridge valve plate can be replaced and the valve seat can be replaced.


It should be noted that when the valve chamber is cleaned, its sealing surface should be prevented from being damaged. Then replace the new valve plate and valve seat. Fill the gap between the valve plate and the boss part of the valve cover with sealing grease, and fill the inside of the upper cover with calcium-based lubricating oil to lubricate the bearing.


If you need to replace the lip seal packing of the drilling rig, then you should first remove the valve chamber pressure, then remove the shroud, round nut, handwheel, bearing cover, bearing, packing gland, and finally replace the drilling rig Lip seal packing.


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