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Drilling Construction and Mechanical Properties of T6 series Core Barrel

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In the process of drilling, the T6 series Core Barrel require the use of the entire drill pipe string and its joints in the drill hole. The T6 series core tube drilling tools are mainly drill pipe and core tube in the process of drilling. , Drill pipe and bottom reamer and drill bit.


T6 series Core Barrel drilling tools need to add drill collars or sedimentation tubes to the upper part of the core tube. The main function of the product in operation is to transmit bit pressure and turning torque to the drill bit during drilling, and transport drilling fluid to the bottom of the hole to collect the rock core.


The various components of the T6 series core barrel drills are mainly made of high-quality seamless steel pipes during the production process. During the operation, they will have excellent physical and mechanical properties, and can tolerate the drilling process to some extent. The drill's own alternating load, fatigue and wear.


The deeper the borehole of the T6 series core barrel drill tool, the higher the drill string performance requirements will be to a certain extent, and the drill tool will be scrapped due to wear and corrosion after a certain working period. Drills are made of high quality alloy steel or low alloy steel and are heat treated to improve their performance.


T6 series core barrel drilling tools have successfully used alloy steel pipe manufacturing tools containing titanium, silicon, manganese, niobium, vanadium, and boron during the production process, and their performance will be effective after proper heat treatment. It meets the requirements of its national standards.


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