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Wuxi Geological Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years’ experience in manufacturing drill rods. Our Wireline drill rods are manufactured from seamless steel tube by cold drawn. The material is XJY850/30CrMnSiA which meets the international standard, with superior yield strength and tensile strength. We have fully automatic machining equipments to ensure the accurate of dimensions, develop high-frequency quenching treatment to improve the hardness of threads and follow stringent industry standards to ensure the quality. Therefore, our drill rods are superior in strength, excellent in wear resistance and have longer service life. The rods are available with standard length of 3m (10ft) and 1.5m (5ft). However, special length is also available on requests.


Model Core Bit Reaming Shell Size Drill Rod Standard Rod Material Drilling Depth
Bit ODmm / IDmm Reamer OD mm ODmm  IDmm
BTW Φ59.56/42.35 Φ59.95 Φ56.3 Φ48 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1000
NTW Φ75.31/56.35 Φ75.7 Φ73.3 Φ64 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 900
HTW Φ95.57/71.35 Φ96.09 Φ91.3 Φ81 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 800
AC(AQ) Φ47.63/26.97 Φ48.01 Φ44.5 Φ34.9 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1000
BC(BQ) Φ59.56/36.4 Φ59.95 Φ55.6 Φ46 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1200
NC(NQ) Φ75.31/47.6 Φ75.7 Φ69.9 Φ60.3 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1800
HC(HQ) Φ95.57/63.5 Φ96.09 Φ88.9 Φ77.8 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1800
PC(PQ) Φ122.05/85 Φ122.65 Φ114.3 Φ103.2 International Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1600
XZS57 Φ57/35 Φ57.5 Φ55 Φ44 Factory Standard Steel Number.45 MnMoB 2200
S75A Φ76/49 Φ76.5 Φ71 Φ60 Factory Standard Steel Number.45 MnMoB 2000
XZS75 Φ76/46 Φ76.5 Φ71 Φ58 Factory Standard Pier Steel Number.45 MnMoB 2800
S95A Φ95.6/63.5 Φ96 Φ89 Φ78 Factory Standard Steel Number.45 MnMoB 2200
S96B Φ95.6/63.5 Φ96 Φ91 Φ79 Factory Standard Steel Number.45 MnMoB 2600
XZS96T Φ95/63.5 Φ95.5 Φ89 Φ78 Factory Standard 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 3200
S110 Φ114/80 Φ114.5 Φ110 Φ98 Factory Standard Steel Number.45 MnMoB 1600
S130 Φ133/100 Φ133.5 Φ129 Φ117 Factory Standard Steel Number.45 MnMoB 1700
XZS145 Φ145/110 Φ145.5 Φ140 Φ126 Factory Standard Shanghai Baosteel No. R780 1000
Drilling site in Ecuador. 
The drill rods (1.5m/pc) showed their excellent and reliable performance, together with the XZKD95-3 full hydraulic underground drill rig. 

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