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Drill rod technical characteristics and the use of precautions

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The technical characteristics of the drill  rod product are closely related to their processing. Under normal circumstances, we are in the production of drill  rod, is the choice of steel and round steel as raw materials, and then after several processing in the system. In dealing with its end when the need to have through the IF heating, hydraulic upsetting, and heat treatment.


In this way, it is possible to effectively remove the internal stress left by the preliminary processing. In order to ensure the precision of the drill  rod, the manufacturer in the production process, for all the threads are through the use of CNC lathe forming blade cutting molding, which can give it a strong interchangeability.


Next, we come together to understand the use of the drill  rod in the process, need to pay attention to some of the problems. It should be understood that the main function is to transport the drilling mud to the drill bit, and then with the drill to improve, reduce or rotate the bottom hole device.


Therefore, in such a working environment, we use the drill  rod must bear a lot of pressure. In the first use of the time, we need to first grinding new buckle. General requirements repeated three times, which can effectively prevent excessive wear and buckle.

 钻 杆 - 副本.jpg

In addition, the use of the process, the staff need to make as much as possible to the underground part of the drill  rod and the ground part to maintain a straight line. Otherwise, it may cause the part of the thread side of the force, causing more serious wear and tear. Even jumping. At the same time should also determine its location, so as not to move in the force.


Finally, before using the new drill  rod, the staff need to check the main, mainly to check and confirm the drill before the thread is normal. So as to avoid the use of the latter part of the time, there is leakage, buckle or loose and other issues.

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