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Diamond hole drill bit choice to pay attention to what?

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On the choice of diamond hole drill bit, in addition to follow the rules to choose from, in particular, should pay attention to the broken strata to go on the use of carcass hardness HRC45 ~ 50 drilling bits, and then, as it slipping Stratigraphy, that is, the use of carcass hardness is relatively soft, mesh fine drill bits or fine-grained table set bit.


Insist on drilling bit line up for use, the next, that is, we must pay attention to be must adhere to each time to measure the drill bit specifications and fill in the card, stick to it, for every 5min measuring machine over the ruler, on this point , That is, to grasp the changes in drilling speed, insist on timely grinding bit nozzle or sink, to maintain the cross-section of the water is basically the same, try to reduce the drill when the damage is not normal.


Diamond hole drill bit in the choice of time, that is, must pay attention to the need to always check the double-pipe joint single action, short and reaming, retainer and spring seat and drill, drill and retainer diameter, etc. With a certain gap must pay attention to meet the requirements, the scene card spring should pay attention to with 3 ~ 4 kinds of specifications, so speaking is to prevent the core plug or shedding phenomenon.



Then, in fact, we should pay attention to the regular observation of drilling rig pressure gauge with drill bit equipment, insisted that attention should be paid to using pump pressure gauge or dynamometer, and there is a timely manner to observe the dynamic sound Grasp the situation inside the hole, timely adjustment of drilling parameters.


Finally, the choice of diamond hole drill bit when using the rope core drilling process, because the rope core to mention the amount of drilling will be reduced, so to a certain extent, it will reduce Drilling bit drilling hole wear and tear, screwed off the damage and the opportunity to collide with the hole wall, and the gap between the drill pipe and the hole wall is relatively small, to ensure that the drill bit in the hole bottom sleek, that is, Drill life has been more substantial increase.


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