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Diamond drilling rig operation process and structural features

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During the operation of the diamond drilling rig, the main component of the diamond drilling rig is the boring bar of the drilling rig. During the operation of the drilling rig, the slide column and the reduction box that can slide up and down are effectively provided on the column, and the deceleration is performed during operation. The box is connected to the power input shaft and the power output shaft.

The other end of the power input shaft of the diamond drilling rig will effectively connect its hydraulic motor, and the other end of the equipment will be connected to the drill pipe. To a certain extent, the lower end of the drill pipe is connected to the drill bit, and the diamond drilling rig is performing the downward movement. In the process, the drive of the gear box is mainly realized through its driving device, which is more conducive to downward force and rapid drilling.

The deceleration box of the diamond drilling rig can effectively slide up and down along the slide of the rig frame to a certain extent, so that the verticality of the drilling can be ensured to a certain extent, and the drill rod is a spiral blade drill pipe. When the soil material can be returned to the ground along the blade, the power output shaft is a hollow mandrel, the upper mouth of the mandrel can be connected with the concrete pouring equipment for concrete infusion.

The diamond drilling rig is mainly composed of a power head, an auger, a control room, a chassis, a swing mechanism, a winch wire rope, a mast column, a hoisting hoist, a top pulley block, and a hydraulic system and an electrical system.

The power head of the diamond drilling rig can effectively use its three-ring deceleration mechanism during the operation process, and the drilling pressure is applied to the auger during the production, so that the auger can be effectively improved to some extent. Stress conditions. It has the advantages of high overload capacity, compact structure, low noise and long service life. It is the most ideal power unit for domestic drilling rigs.


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