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Diamond drill bit usage and main components

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One of the more critical issues with using a diamond drill bit for drilling is the control of the accuracy of the drilling position. From the actual drilling situation to analyze, this process can actually be seen as the drilling process of drilling bits and the workpiece the correct position of each control process.


In order to ensure the drilling effect, generally when drilling fast drilling, should be appropriately reduced effort, so as to avoid a sudden excessively large to give rise to cutting resistance, causing the drill bit broken or the workpiece with the drill caused by rotation ACCIDENT. The product belongs to a tool for cutting, commonly used high-speed steel manufacturing, part of the work hardened by heat treatment to 62 ~ 65HRC.


In fact, the overall composition of diamond drill bit relatively simple, including three parts, respectively, the handle, neck and working part. Among them, the handle mainly belongs to the clamping part and plays the role of transmitting power. The handle includes two kinds of straight shanks and taper shanks. The former has smaller transmission torque and is usually used for a drill with a smaller diameter.


The latter is mostly used for larger diameter drill bits. Under normal circumstances, the working part of the drill bit can be divided into guide part and cutting part. The guide has two narrow, threaded land and spiral grooves. The role of the edge is to guide the drill bit and repair hole wall. The cutting part consists of two main cutting edges and one shank.


In fact, in the process of drilling, in addition to pay attention to select the appropriate drill bit, but also need to ensure that the operator's operating skills require drilling hole position adjustment can only be manual, dynamic control process, and shall not be used Other tools such as drilling.


In other words, the actual accuracy of the drilling position during drilling is often influenced by many factors such as scribing, machine accuracy, clamping of the workpiece and the drill bit, and the quality of the drilling bit sharpening . In addition to controlling these factors, but also have some processing skills and the necessary assurance measures.


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