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Diamond drill bit, reamer shell selection and use

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Rock drill ability, grind ability and integrity should be based on the rock to select the type of drill bit, reamer shell, diamond particle size and concentration, and matrix hardness.

1. When drilling in hard, hard, drillable, fractured, fractured rock, Fine-grain table can be used to set the number or number of impregnated bits drill, reamer.

When drilling in medium-hard, low-grade, well-drilled and complete rock, Should be used coarse or medium table set number of pregnant impregnated bits, reamers.

2  Drilling in the grinding of hard rocks, the hard core bit and reamer shell should be used.

Drilling in the grinding of weak rocks, should use a soft carcass bit, reamer.


Drill and reamer and retainer should be reasonable cooperation.

1. Reamer diameter should be 0.3 to 0.5 mm larger than the outer diameter of the drill bit, the rock should be used when the hardness of the lower limit value.

2. Free spring retainer diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter of 0.3 ~ 0.4 mm drill.


When drilling, drill and expansion hole should be the size of the outer diameter, a good order of rotation to use, that is, the use of large outer diameter, the use of small outer diameter; for the drill, it should also consider the first small diameter After the big diameter.


After the new drill reaches the bottom of the hole, it must be "initial grind", ie light pressure (about 1/3 of the normal weight-on-bit) and slowly turn around for about 10 minutes at about 100 rpm and then continue with the normal parameters Drilling.


Drill bit in the following circumstances, shall not be further into the hole.

1. Table drill bit inner and outer diameter than the standard size of more than 0.2 millimeters of wear; pregnant drill bit diameter than the standard size of more than 0.4 mm wear;

2. Table set with drill bits out of diamond blade size than the diameter of 1/3;

3. Table set with a small number of diamond bits off, cracks or broken;

4. The gestation bit appears graphitization;

5. drill bit has obvious partial wear;

6. drill bit nozzle and sink smaller than the standard size;

7. The carcass has obvious cracks, blocks, grooves or serious erosion;

8. bit body deformation, threaded damage.


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