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Diamond drill bit lip shape and application

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Rectangular lips, also known as flat bottom, commonly used in pregnant bit. It is easy to handle: has a minimum working area, which requires a smaller bit pressure, which in the same parameters under the conditions of drilling a higher drilling speed. But it is down to the bottom of the hole when a run-in process, that is, began to slow footage, to be ground into a micro-arc, only to the normal speed of footage. Followed by its poor stability, easy to cause drilling bending. This lip is often used to drill in hard and medium abrasive rock formations.


Circle-shaped lips can shorten the initial grinding time, commonly used in hard and medium abrasive rock.


Semi-circular lips that drill bit bottom lip radius is equal to one-half wall thickness. The inner and outer edges of the lip are reinforced for hard and abrasive rock formations.


Ladder-shaped lips have one, two, three ladder a variety, usually used for rope coring drill and single pipe thick-walled drill. The drill bit has good stability when drilling; the free surface is more effective and is suitable for drilling hard rock. It is currently used in hard and weak abrasive rock formations and also has a good effect.


Cone-shaped lip This drill bit at the bottom of the hole has a good stability and orientation, is conducive to anti-skew. Ropes are commonly used in core drills. Conical lips can also be divided into inner cone, outer cone, double cone number.

The bottom of the spray face to face the bottom of the rinse clean; in the broken rock drilling, but also improve the heart rate: but the processing complex.


Concentric circular sawtooth lips, also known as the ring groove, diamond mainly distributed in the tooth part. Inside and outside with a larger particle size to ensure that the drill diameter. The tooth-shaped lip can cause the bottom of the multi-free surface, so that the drill bit on the rock for grinding and shear combined with the broken effect, access to coarse particles of rock powder, contribute to the diamond blade, improve the drilling speed. Due to the smaller axial pressure required by the drill bit, there is a better anti-oblique effect. Toothed lip face is suitable for drilling hard and dense weak abrasive rock.


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